Psychological Testing Services

Psychological well-being in adulthood is critical to a healthy life. If you are experiencing difficulties at work, in school, at home, or socially, it’s important to determine what those difficulties are and how to best intervene. MARS Memory-Health Network has psychologists who are specifically trained to identify these problems.

Psychological Well-Being

Anxiety and depression are some of the most common mental health problems experienced by adults. They not only undermine well-being, but they also interfere with work and socialization experiences. It is important to diagnose and treat these and other mental health issues.


Many people experience problems with attention that may be severe enough to qualify as a disorder. Some individuals were diagnosed with ADHD when they were in school, but then stopped treating it after completing school. Others were never diagnosed, but always struggled with inattention or impulsivity. An adult ADHD evaluation (16+) can help identify this problem and recommend appropriate interventions.

Pre-surgical Testing

A number of surgical procedures, including bariatric and spinal surgery, require psychological testing prior to surgery. The purpose of this testing is to determine if the patient is psychologically stable so as to decrease the potential for adverse outcomes. If the psychological evaluation identifies any mental health concerns, treatment recommendations will be made to help the individual achieve the psychological stability needed for surgery.

Pre-employment Testing

Some jobs require employees to complete psychological testing prior to employment. These jobs are often high stress or high risk jobs that require considerable training, and employers want to maximize the likelihood that candidates for employment will be successful.

Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual disabilities (IDs) are sometimes misdiagnosed as attention disorders or overlooked completely. IDs are different, and they can result in functional limitations in daily life. Special accommodations are often available for adults with IDs who are attending school or in some work environments.

MARS Psychological Assessment

Accurate diagnosis for mental health problems will lead to increased success and happiness. Learn about how MARS Memory-Health Network can help.

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