Many individuals experience problems with attention that are severe enough to qualify as a disorder. For example, adults with untreated ADHD often have trouble completing their work in a timely manner, or may forget assignments altogether. An adult ADHD evaluation can help identify this problem and recommend appropriate treatments.
Adult ADHD symptoms include: Impulsiveness, disorganization, problems prioritizing, poor time management skills, problems focusing on a task, trouble multitasking, excessive activity or restlessness, difficulty planning, and low frustration tolerance.
Treatments for adult ADHD typically involve medication, education, skills training, and psychological counseling. A combination of these treatment strategies is often the most effective method.
MARS Memory-Health Network uses objective measures to assist in diagnosing attention deficit disorders in those aged 16 and older. We emphasize differentiating between attention deficit disorders and problems of attention that are due to depression and anxiety.
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