Psychological Testing Services

Psychological well-being in adulthood is critical to a healthy life. If you are experiencing difficulties at work, in school, at home, or socially, MARS Memory-Health Network can help.

Memory-Health Services

As we age, we recognize the importance of maintaining our quality of life. An active and healthy mind is central to doing just that. Unfortunately, our health care system does not emphasize the systematic preservation of our brain functioning. MARS Memory-Health Network does.

Services for Physicians

MARS Memory-Health Network is primarily an assessment and diagnostic service for physicians. We specialize in adult memory disorders, cognition, and well-being, so you can be confident that your patient is getting the best care available.

MARS Memory-Health Network

Good brain health is crucial for a happy and fulfilling life. Your family physician helps you keep your body healthy. MARS Memory-Health Network helps you keep your mind healthy. MARS Memory-Health Network offers screening, detection, diagnosis, and counseling services for individuals 16 and older. We specialize in memory loss and dementia, as well as learning, cognition, attention, and psychological well-being.
MARS Memory-Health Network