MARS Memory-Health Network is primarily an assessment and diagnostic service for physicians. For adult referrals, all diagnoses are made by clinical neuropsychologists who specialize in memory disorders. For child and adolescent referrals, evaluations are conducted by clinical psychologists specializing in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents. At MARS Memory-Health Network, you can be confident that your patient is getting the best care available.

We help physicians ensure the best treatment possible by:

  • Providing accurate differential diagnoses in clear and concise reports,
  • Providing objective treatment efficacy feedback so physicians can optimize their treatment regimen by monitoring disease progression
  • Discussing difficult life decisions, such as driving privileges with clients and their families

MARS Memory-Health Network:

  • Specializes in Memory Disorders and Child and Adolescent Cognition
  • Tailors our reports to be informative and readable at a glance
  • Understands the challenges of memory loss and treat our patients with the unique care and gentleness that they require
  • Provides post-diagnostic support for the family and the client

Refer a Patient

  1. Download the referral form
  2. Fax to (910) 791-6226
  3. Or call (910) 791-6277

How to Refer a Patient

MARS Memory-Health Network works closely with all fields of the medical community, including family physicians, pediatricians, gerontologists, neurologists, cardiologists, among others.

MARS Memory Assessments

The MARS Memory Diagnostic Assessment is used for the detection and differential diagnosis of memory loss. The MARS Memory Optimize Treatment Assessment is used to assess the efficacy of treatment and the progression of the disease since the last assessment.

MARS Child And Adolescent Assessments

The MARS Child Diagnostic Assessment assesses a child or adolescent’s intellectual functioning, achievement, and mental health. The MARS Child Optimize Treatment Assessment is used to assess the efficacy of treatment since the last assessment.

The MARS Memory-Health Report

We designed the MARS Memory-Health Report specifically for the busy physician.

How to Detect and Treat Memory Loss

The process of successfully treating memory loss is the same as that of any progressive disease. An early referral allows for early detection. Early detection provides the patient a distinct treatment advantage.

Refer a Patient

Download the referral form and fax it to (910) 791-6226, or call (910) 791-6277.
MARS Memory-Health Network