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As we age, we recognize the importance of maintaining our quality of life. An active and healthy mind is central to doing just that. Unfortunately, our health care system does not emphasize the systematic preservation of our brain functioning. MARS Memory-Health Network does.

Recently, there have been significant changes in the battle against memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Interventions include medications, diets that target brain health (e.g., MIND diet), mental exercise, and physical exercise. In every case, the earlier one begins an intervention, the more effective the treatment. One study showed that beginning treatment early resulted in about a six to eight-year delay in admissions to nursing homes (Lopez et al., 2008). Unfortunately, our current medical system is not designed to identify memory loss at the earliest stages of memory disorders. MARS Memory-Health Network provides the services necessary for helping you maintain your brain functioning as long as possible, and to help with the early detection of memory loss, should it occur.

The Science of Memory Health

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Do I have a memory problem?” When we ask that question, we are really asking, “Is my memory getting worse than I would expect with normal aging?” Now that’s a difficult question to answer.

MARS Memory Checkup

The MARS Memory Checkup is a specially designed annual assessment of your memory systems. You can think of it as a physical for your brain. We check your memory functions and give you, and your physician when requested, a full report. No physician referral is necessary for a MARS Memory Checkup.

MARS Diagnostic Assessment

The MARS Diagnostic assessment is used to determine whether the client has memory loss and, if so, to help determine what is causing the memory loss.

MARS Optimize Treatment Assessment

The MARS Optimize Treatment assessment consists of a standardized set of the most valid and reliable assessments available for measuring the cognitive functioning of adults.

For Family & Friends

It is difficult to bring memory loss concerns to the attention of a friend or loved one. You may be worried about his or her reaction to your concerns. It is important not to let these worries deter you. Remember, treatments are available, and these treatments work best when prescribed early.

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