Intellectual disabilities (IDs) are sometimes misdiagnosed as Learning Disabilities or attention disorders. IDs are different, and they can result in functional limitations in daily life, such as difficulty with communication or independent living. Special accommodations may be available for people with IDs.
Intellectual disabilities affect people’s intellectual and adaptive abilities. Nearly 6.5 million people in the US are diagnosed with an ID. Intellectual and adaptive deficits begin early in the developmental period, and manifest as delay in learning to sit-up, crawl, walk, or speak. For older individuals, indicators can include poor memory, trouble understanding social rules, or difficulty with problem solving. Fortunately, once diagnosed, special accommodations may be available for people with IDs.
MARS Memory-Health Network has the expertise to diagnose adult IDs. If you suspect that someone you love has an ID, call MARS Memory-Health Network for an evaluation.

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