The MARS Optimize Treatment assessment is a critical part of any memory loss treatment regiment.
The MARS Optimize Treatment assessment measures how effective your current treatment regime is and the progression of your disease
Having data from this assessment is important because it is nearly impossible for the person living with memory loss or their caregiver to determine the effectiveness of a treatment regime. This is because most effective treatments slow the progression of the disease rather than make patients better. As a result, patients cannot provide an accurate report on their efficacy.
Accurate data about the efficacy of treatment is important because the physician will use that data to adjust or optimize the treatment regimen
This is similar to getting a cholesterol test after being put on a cholesterol treatment drug. Your physician never asks you whether the drug fixed your cholesterol levels. He or she tests them. If the test comes back with poor results, your physician changes the drug or dose. The same is true with the MARS Optimize Treatment assessment. If the tests come back with poor results, your physician can change the drug or dose to treat you more effectively. During feedback, our clinicians will provide you a full report on how the treatment has helped slow the progression of the disease.
The MARS Optimize Treatment assessment consists of a standardized set of the most valid and reliable assessments available for measuring the cognitive functioning of adults
The MARS Optimize Treatment Assessment takes about 3 hours. It includes several hours of testing and a clinical interview. The MARS staff understands the challenges involved for older individuals with memory loss. We help our clients feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease while they are with us.

We recommend that people living with memory loss get a MARS Optimize Treatment assessment yearly after diagnosis.

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