Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses. Knowing both is critical to the future success of a child. A child’s strengths can help them to overcome their weaknesses. Knowledge of their weaknesses will allow targeted school accommodations and focused treatment. Early diagnosis and appropriate services for children and their families can make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

MARS Child Diagnostic Assessment

This broad assessment is intended to assess a child or adolescent’s strengths, weaknesses and mental well-being. It consists of a standardized set of the most valid and reliable assessments available for measuring the intellectual functioning, achievement, and mental health of children. If necessary, this broad assessment will be followed-up with assessments focused on issues specific to your child. A thorough report will be provided for the responsible parent.

MARS Gifted Assessment

This focused assessment is specifically designed to provide the necessary documentation for students who achieve the necessary scores to move into a gifted program at her/his school. A report is produced that can be used by school officials to direct students to such programs.

MARS Accommodation Assessment

Accommodations are changes that a school implements to help remove those barriers that interfere with your child’s ability to learn. Importantly, accommodations change how your child learns, not what your child learns. The MARS Accommodation assessment is designed to identify the specific accommodations that would be most helpful for your child. If these findings suggest the need for an accommodation, they will be summarized in a report that can be used by the school to create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 plan for your child. In addition, our clinician will schedule a feedback session with both the parent(s) and the school

If you suspect your child needs an evaluation, call MARS Memory-Health Network for an evaluation.


How long will the assessment take?
Each assessment takes between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the assessment, the child, and the findings.
When will I get the results?
About two weeks after the assessment, we will provide a feedback session and a full written report.
Will insurance pay for the assessment?
Insurance typically pays for mental health diagnosis and therapy. Academic assessments, such as the accommodation assessment, are only sometimes covered by insurance. We recommend that you call your insurance company and ask.
If insurance does not cover the assessment, how much will it cost?
At MARS Memory-Health Network, we understand the difficulty of paying for diagnostic assessments that are not covered by insurance. Therefore, our academic assessments are a fixed price (rather than by the hour), and generally significantly less expensive than other providers. Call us to learn more.
Do you provide treatment and/or therapy?
Yes! MARS Memory-Health Network provides non-medical treatment and therapy for the family and child focused on the child’s needs. This often involves teaching the child strategies, working with the school to optimize accommodations, providing therapy for the child and family, among other treatments. Please call ask us about it.

Some diagnoses are best treated with a combination of medication and therapy. In these cases, your MD will provide all medical treatment including medication.

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