MARS Video Archive

A Short Story About Memory Loss

This video clip shows a short story about a couple who are beginning to see signs of memory loss.

The Science of Memory Loss

This short video explains the science behind memory-loss and memory-health.

An Interview with Don Schmechel, MD

In this short video, Betty Anne Sanders, former journalist and health care administrator, interviews Dr. Don Schmechel about memory loss, early detection, and MARS. Dr. Shmechel is a Harvard trained, board-certified neurologist who specializes in the treatment of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. He was part of the team that discovered the Alzheimer’s risk gene (APOE) and has over 150 publications.

Counseling For Caregivers

In this short video interview, Betty Anne Sanders talks with the three University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) professors about the services MARS provides for caregivers. Dr. Dale Cohen is a cognitive psychologist who specializes in cognitive processes and detection theory. Dr. Julian Keith is the chair of the UNCW psychology department and specializes in memory and neurogenesis. Dr. Len Lecci is a clinical psychologist who specializes in assessment.

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