MARS provides specialized counseling for those living with memory loss, caregivers, and loved ones. This service helps improve quality of life by teaching skills, helping understand and alleviate negative emotions, and providing support and informed advice to help with daily difficulties.

Those living with memory loss face specific challenges, from the anxiety one feels about the future to the daily frustrations one has with living independently. Sometimes these challenges seem overwhelming and never-ending. But these challenges do not have to detract from one’s quality of life. We are all challenged in different ways. The key to overcoming these challenges is learning what we are capable of, what we need help with, and how to live happily with our present abilities. MARS Memory-Health Network provides specialized counseling to teach people living with memory-loss how to live happy and complete lives.

Caregivers and loved ones are special people who give so much of their own life to help another. Most caregivers are helping a loved one, a family member, or a spouse. They were never trained for the position. The job is hard sometimes and rewarding at other times. But the stress of caregiving can be so great that one study has found that caregivers will die prior to the one they are helping. MARS Memory-Health Network provides specialized counseling to give caregivers the skills they need to help their loved one to thrive and to thrive themselves. At MARS we know that a little bit of training, support, and skills can improve a caregiver’s quality of life dramatically.

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